Spanish Language Classes for Beginners

 Wednesdays 11am – Noon

January 10 – March 14

  Beaufort Library, 311 Scott St, Beaufort SC

You will need: Barron’s Spanish at a Glance by Heywood Wald, 2012.

Must register ahead for these classes – send email to

Here is what will be covered each week.

Read PAGES in BOLD BEFORE each class.

Jan 10 Introductions, Alphabet and Pronunciations, Spelling names    1-6

Jan 17 Exclamations, Problems, Passport,Customs, Baggage, Porters   9-12, 18-23    

Jan 24  Numbers, Banking, Some shopping          13-17, 24-31, 166-175   

Jan 31  Hotel   32-42, 45-48

Feb 7    Meals      124-150

Feb 14  Meals

Feb 21  Shopping, Souvenirs, Handicrafts   184-188

 Feb 28 Personal & Medical     192-206

 Mar 6  Days, Months, Time, Weather; Asking questions    227-232

 Mar 12 Review using a mixture of role-plays


The Friends of the Beaufort Library, OLLI and Santa Elena Foundation are sponsoring a trip to Spain April 2018. Click HERE for trip details.

Travel questions:

Connie Scuderi

Friends of the Beaufort Library

Phone or text:   (954) 909-3146


To signup for this trip, click here for print-and-mail form.

For Airfare and Travel Insurance.. tell them you’re calling about the LOWCOUNTRY Trip to Spain:

Island Travel

Connie Frenzel   12 Fairfield Road, # 5B Lady’s Island, SC 29907

Phone: 843-525-0777 Toll Free 1-888-681-3001