Donate Books

We’d love to have your donation of Books, CD’s, Audio Books, DVD’s and even LP’s.   It’s easy, too.  Just bring your gently used donations to our Scott Street library.  There is a stainless steel donation box in the library hours.  To see what we can accept and get more information.

How Do I Donate Books?

We always need books, CD’s , audio books, DVD’s and even LP’s.   They help us stock our libraries, our Friends Book Stores and our Friends Book Sales.

It’s easy.  Here is how: 

In the lobby of the Scott Street Library, there is a stainless steel donation box if you are donating during library hours.  If you have several boxes, we ask that you bring them inside the library.  One of our librarians will find a place for them.

We Welcome Donations of:

  • Clean hardback and paperback books, new, used and old in good, resalable condition.
  • All Music CDs
  • All Audio books on CD
  • All Movies and Games on DVD

Unfortunately, We Cannot Accept:

  • Encyclopedias or reference sets
  • Books and dog-eared paperbacks that are incomplete, written in, covers falling off, or in poor condition
  • Textbooks/School books older than 5 years
  • Business and Financial-related books older than 5 years
  • Diet, Cooking and other books older than 5 years
  • Books that are not in English
  • Sexually Graphic books
  • Any books, movies and music on tape
  • Newspapers or Magazines

We also accept “Rare & Collectible” Books, Prints, Paintings, Manuscripts, Autographs, Ephemera and other printed items, and have the knowledge and ability to maximize our profit on these types of donations.

Our Book Sales Chairman, Kinsey Baker, will be happy to discuss this with any interested parties.   Contact Kinsey at or call (843) 838-0812.