What We Do

One of our librarians said it best “What don’t the Friends do?”

When you walk into our libraries and ask for a book, there’s a good chance the Friends bought that book, eBook, or DVD and put it on the shelf.  When our St. Helena branch was built, our campaign “Fill The Shelves” provided most of the books there.

Everything our libraries need that is not covered by state or local budgets, we pitch in.  Whether that need is for shelving, books, programs, craft and art supplies, renovation, furniture, equipment and computers—our libraries and our librarians can count on the Friends.

Helping kids learn and live big

Our Friends even provide art, craft and special supplies for the Children’s programs to stimulate kids’ imaginations, creativity and problem solving skills. From Superheroes to math, from crafts to pajama parties to face-to-face meetings with local fire, police and EMS heroes—kids gather at the library to learn and discover.

Our libraries hold hundreds of Free classes and events.  Almost every free event or class –computer classes, movie nights, Story times, after school specials, art and drawing classes, financial seminars, 3D animation, résumé preparation, genealogy classes–have been touched by the Friends.


Libraries are not just for kids

You’ll find 30-40 adult programs each year covering topics like how to set up a budget, financial planning, estate planning, ecology and “going green”, cooking and recipe clubs, movies for families and kids, technical help, how to organize your life and your papers and many more.   There are also two book clubs for adults that meet monthly – one for mystery addicts – The Poison Pen book club – and another that reads a wide variety of books.

Why do we do it?


We’re passionate about our libraries.  We believe libraries change lives.  We are the Friends.  And that’s what Friends are for.  Join us today.



water-categoryThe Friends were able to secure a grant for Environmental Literacy for our libraries to improve the “Environmental IQ” of our residents.  We’ll be announcing more soon, but the grant funding will be used to host a series of seminars on the environment.  The grant even provides for the purchase of microscopes that can be checked out of the library to study flora and fauna.

That’s what friends are for.  And we hope you’ll join us.